What is HCAF

What is HCAF

Holy Comforter Anglican Fellowship is a cell group-based church.

Meaning that we currently meet in individual homes for B

bible study sharing and prayer. Thus, it is usual for each group to meeting approximately one to two hours. Using this or a similar format

o  Sharing

o  Thanksgiving and prayer

o  Bible study

o  Prayer needs and concluding prayer

o  Dismissal

Dress is com as you are: comfortable, casual, and respectful.

At various times during the calendar year all groups will gather on a Sunday at a single location for worship.  We will gather as one large fellowship in the future as predetermined convenient locations. Specific times times and locations vary much due to people's schedules and availability of places. However, the Lord always provides a way for us.

Whether a few people gathered around a dining-room table or as a large group: as the Holy Spirit leads, we gather to worship, study, fellowship and grow as disciples, to discuss the vision and our excitement about being part of a newly forming church. We talk, pray, and share in the joy of the Lord. Our vision and passion for a new church is great!